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AVV-711 Wireless Laser Alignment System


AVV711 comes in a compact size with a vast range of functions. These include:

"Keyless" data entry - simply turn the shaft by at least 45 degrees and the device will automatically register between 3 to 35 data points

High precision two-axis measurement system allows alignment in two planes simultaneously (e.g. horizontal and vertical) with real-time data updates

Hassle free rough alignment - virtually boundless sensor with on-the-go beam adjustment option

Robust data management - you can stop the measurement session at any point, turn off the device, and return to it at a later time

Print a report via the database software on your PC or save it directly into a .pdf file on the device

We also offer a wide range of optional features and fixtures to fit your needs. And, last but not least, all of these come at an unbeatable price!








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